Welcome to Wife University.


Wife University was developed by California based attorney author

Herman Franck, Esq.


Herman Franck has a doctor of law degree from Georgetown University, Washington DC. He has been a lawyer since 1986.


Mr. Franck also holds a Master of Arts degree  from Georgetown in Economics, and a Bachelor of Arts (honors) from U.C. Berkeley (1981). 


Mr. Franck is a licensed California attorney, State Bar No.123476.


He has his own law practice in Sacramento California.


See www.entrepreneur-center.net for more information on Mr. Francks law practice.


His law practice includes family law and divorce cases, where many lessons were learned.


He was married to a Chinese woman for 14 years, where many more lessons were learned.

His Wife and he had some major problems that led to their separation. She is Mrs. Asia California.


He is the author of East West Marriage, How an Asian Girl can Catch a USA Man; How a USA Man can Catch an Asian woman.


That book also includes a second book called Relationship Agreement. Relation Agreement is a set of agreements about how husband and wives should behave toward one another.


He is also the author of How to Marry and Keep a Supermodel, a book that studies the concept of a mid life crisis.  


Mr. Franck is the author of 23 other books. See amazon.com for his complete book listings.


Mr. Franck produced and hosted a radio show in Los Angeles California about mid life crisis for CBS an ABC radio in Los Angeles, California.

Georgetown University, Washington D.C.