Wife University attempts to show women how to be a wonderful girlfriend and an excellent wife.  We are looking for women to transform or continue as an excellent, powerful, uptown girl. 


There are three basic stages of the program:


(a) Diploma I: How to get married;

(b) Diploma II: How to stay married;

(c) Diploma III: how to stay married.


Wife University grants diplomas to students who listen to the lectures [and complete other reading assignments] and write a thesis about their own attitudes.


Wife University will grant a Wife University Diploma I, II, and III to a student who completes the coursework described below. 


Herman Franck, founder of Wife University and author of the books East West Marriage, Good Mom Bad Wife, Relationship Agreement, How to Marry and Keep a Supermodel, and other books, has provided lessons in the form of lectures, university style. 


You will listen to a series of lessons given by Mr. Franck on how to be a good girlfriend, an essential step toward being a good wife. You will also be given lessons by Mr. Franck on how to be a good wife, through starting the series of audio files on his main Wife University textbook, Good Mom Bad Wife. 


The coursework for each diploma should take about a month of weekends to complete, and can all be done on home on a computer. 


If you cannot access the website please contact Wife University and we will see about how to fix this. You may need to get the information from another computer, including even a public computer at an internet cafe. 


Wife University is NOT a Postsecondary School.  Its Credits are not useable or transferrable for any such post secondary school.  Wife University does NOT offer up any post secondary school credits.  Wife University is not in any kind of post secondary school line for which a progression of credits would lead to a postsecondary degree.  Repeat we DO NOT offer such a program.