Summary of Wife University



Wife university is a place where women can learn to be good wives, so their husbands and families will stay together forever.


Wife University focuses on East West Marriages, marriages between Asian women and western men.

The program uses Mr. Franck's book East West Marriage as a textbook. 

 Wife University also uses Mr. Franck's book entitled How to Marry and Keep a Supermodel, Lessons from a Mid-Wife Crisis (Kit Media Co. 2011), his previously published Relationship Agreement (Kit Media Co.) and his forthcoming book, Good Mom Bad Wife.



Appendix A to that book has a Relationship Agreement, which if followed could allow for a long lasting marriage.


East West Marriage book is available at and other online booksellers. 




The book is available in electronic form as a Kindle Book  



The book comes with a DVD entitled East West Marriage DVD Series, Episode 1. That DVD will be placed at this website for viewing on a pay per view basis. It is also available from




The program is further based on Mr. Franck’s forthcoming book, Good Mom Bad Wife.


Wife University will be a traveling school in China. It will be set up in conference rooms at major hotels in major cities in China. Stay tuned for scheduled visits in your city.


Attorney author Herman Franck, Esq. will make a live presentation that tracks the subject matter set forth in his book and the DVD. Participants will receive the book and the DVD. 


Other video lectures will be placed on this website in the future, so stay tuned.